Kickass and winter dog walk

Kickass, the doorstop dog, hears the pitiful whimpering of all the pampered couch dogs on this first day of real winter–snow falling and ice covering everything, and the-go-for-a-walk leashes coming out: “What about the cat! She gets to do it in the house! How fair is that?”

Kickass, being of cast iron construction, shares with the keeper the luxury of the Vista West lifestyle whereby it is not necessary to go out in the cold misery of winter under any circumstances, there being indoor plumbing and all.

In his smug coziness, the keeper joins Kickass in telling those pampered pups to stop whining about winter and to get out there and do their business like the wolf descendants that they are and to stop puzzling over the apparent human cultural value of collecting strange souvenirs in plastic bags.

Keep in mind, Kickass says, that humans still do not understand that once a thing is “fetched” the game is over.

When will they ever learn?

The keeper plans to ask Phyllis.  She will know.

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