Kickass and winterscat glaciers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, supports the keeper in pointing out that Wisconsin’s glaciation era has returned, as it does every winter, and there are now great dirty glaciers at the edges of parking areas and cul-de-sacs everywhere.

These annual glaciers–known as “winterscat” to the scientific community, carry the debris of a winter’s worth of snow plowing and sanding and they are unsightly as well as a menace to playing children on into June, if not July.

Some communities have apparently ordered their fire departments to stand by this glacial “winterscat” to rescue misguided ice climbers looking for unusual winter sport to replace snowmobiling.

Such is the case with a glacier viewed from where the keeper and Phyllis practice the popular Wisconsin winter activity of looking out the window.  There can be no other explanation for the recent fire engine parked next to the prominent glacier in the next-door parking area.

The keeper suggested to Phyllis that maybe the firemen were on hand to make sure the “winterscat” glacier didn’t “calve” out into the street and present an iceberg traffic hazard.

Phyllis ignored his observation and handed him a chocolate chip cookie.

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