Kickass and wis absurdity contest

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will be assisting the keeper in reviving the Wisconsin absurdity competition, with first prize to be a free ticket to the 2022 Sauk City cow chip throwing festival scheduled for Sept 2.

*Now in the otherwise peaceful north woods, slack-jawed hounders from all over the country are releasing hounds to chase bear and all other innocent, family-rearing wildlife, since Wisconsin is the ONLY state where such a summer “training” travesty is not only permitted but encouraged.  If a hound is killed by pup-protecting wolves, the state pays the hounder $2,500.  ONLY in Wisconsin!

*Fred Prehn, the pain-inducing former Wausau dentist and gun dealer, still refuses to leave the State DNR board and continues to foment Conservation policies favored by narcissistic special interests such as the bear hunters and the NRA.

*The state supreme court now rolls on training wheels obtained from a SCOTUS justice committee headed by Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thomas.

*Names like Vos, Johnson, Grothman, Tiffany, Fitzgerald and Kleefisch remain prominent as members of the Wisconsin Repub Stink Tank which has transformed a once proud progressive, caring state into a gerrymandered, narcissistic, minority-ruled pig pen.

*Too many state citizens are fixating on the televised Jan. 6 hearings and missing out on some glorious Wisconsin summer weather.

         The keeper and Phyllis will be doing something about that last item.

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