Kickass and wis dumbness

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in noting that as global “dumbing” grows apace, Wisconsin more than holds its own; but a brief inventory of the results of Wisconsin’s unique dumbness might be useful in the interest of state pride. The following is a very incomplete list of what dumbness has done for Wisconsin:

  1. Elected Sen. Ron Johnson, certifiably among the Senate’s dumbest.
  2. Put in place a minority-representative state legislature.
  3. Encouraged the politicization of the state supreme court.
  4. Allowed a male dominated legislature to ban all abortions.
  5. Permitted summer bear hound training in the Northwoods.
  6. Tolerated conservation regulations written by gun-oriented lobbyists, many from out-of-state.

Most of Wisconsin’s dumbness can be attributed to the gerrymandered travesty that has made a mockery of fairness in Wisconsin government for years.

         There was a time–and the keeper’s crowd remembers it, when dumbness did not carry the Wisconsin day and the state was a leader in “smart” government–of the people, for the people and by the people.

         “Those were the days, my friend…………..”

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