Kickass and wis supreme court

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, in trying to contribute something to entertain coronavirus stay-at-homers, is formulating a plan to combine the Wisconsin Supreme Court with pro wrestling in light of the similarity in tactics and mental acuity.  Since the occasion of Justice David Prosser choking Justice Ann Bradley back in 2017 and the stolen election of 2019, the entertainment value of the Wis. Supreme Court has been waning as it routinely issues blatantly pro-GOP decisions.  That changed yesterday when a shouting match between justices over the issue of whether it is better to get the coronavirus or go out dancing, had to be put down by the chief justice.  This gave Justice Rebecca Bradley, an obvious deep-thinker, an opportunity to compare the state’s “stay home” edict to the Japanese-American internment camps of WW II, and other forms of “tyranny.”  For its outrageous display of ignorance and arrogance, Bradley’s blather garnered national ridicule and publicity, something Wisconsin is accustomed to as its Gerrymandered elected representatives at all levels regularly make totally stupid comments.

The keeper says that while there is some risk to the reputation and integrity of pro wrestling in his plan to combine it with the Wisconsin Supreme Court, he feels that it is a risk worth taking.  As pro wrestling now admits to being “pre-programed” for entertainment value, so should Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.   (Wis. Score: 8,200 cases, 340 deaths.)

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