Kickass and Wis wolf hunt

Kickass, the doorstop dog, enlists the keeper’s help in marking today as one of the cruelest remnants of recent GOP indecency in Wisconsin as a seven-day wolf hunting and trapping season begins.

Forced on the state as the result of a Kansas hunting group law suit, the unbelievably cruel provisions of the season will allow 4,000 permit holders to shoot or trap 200 of the state’s estimated 1,032 wolves existing in 256 packs.  Included, of course, is the use of leg-hold traps with their long periods of unimaginable suffering for trapped critters, including at this time of year pregnant females.

The season was rushed by Republican interests to insure that the Biden Administration or Wisconsin would not have time to allow the DNR to set up a more reasoned hunt for next fall.  Prevailing court decisions forced the current season on the DNR, and biologists had recommended 2,000 permits.  This was increased last week to 4,000 by a unanimous vote of the Wis. policy-making DNR Board which is GOP dominated.

Cruelty of this kind defined as partisan may be an ultimate political absurdity, but the apparent acceptance—even embrace of allowing leg-hold traps—promoted as a youth project by the DNR, transcends party affiliation. It forces the conclusion that Wisconsin residents are either tragically uninformed or blasé about unspeakable cruelty existing in their midst.

The start of today’s wolf season is yet one more instance of basic decisions involving decency and humanity being made by small self-interest groups with guns and traps, instead of by a state-wide citizenry with a conscience.

The use of leg-hold traps has been outlawed in a number of states and countries around the world.  Kickass asks for consideration now as his wild ancestry heads into a week of hell.









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