Kickass. and Wisconsin gov

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in updating the political sideshow that prevails in the gerrymandered, minority-representation Wisconsin government.

  1. The Republicans on the state Supreme Court, suddenly finding themselves in the minority, threaten–through their whining leader Ziegler to bring back their vaudeville tactics whereby choking and shouting are part of high court decision making tactics.
  2. Johnson, who volunteered his office as a conduit for the illegal alternative votes in the disputed POTUS election, proclaims it was all simply “politics” as usual and perfectly legal.
  3. Speaker Voss voices plans to impeach anyone and everyone who dares to hint that his dictatorial blocking of everything from women’s rights to basic decency is what Wisconsin citizens want.
  4. Conservation regs continue to be written by out-of-state bear hounders who designed the only-in-Wisconsin summer hound training program to chase all creatures in the north woods during their critical time of raising young.
  5. The Wisconsin Idea of sharing intelligence for the benefit of all is being rewritten to encourage the sharing of ignorance and indifference to the detriment of all.

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