Kickass and wisconsin government

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis’s joy in watching the election returns of Sen. Warnock was blunted by recalling the recent senatorial election in their own state when a decent capable candidate was defeated by an incumbent with the reputation of being among the dumbest, and then proved as much by jumping on Trump’s MAGA election manure spreader as well as expressing approval of politicians being in charge of women’s bodies.

Though the dictatorial gerrymandered Repub government has had

Wisconsin residents in political enslavement for years, it is not a circumstance they live with comfortably.  It may, however, explain how so many narcissistic dummies are elected to office.

A sizeable majority of Wisconsin residents favor government staying out of women’s control of their bodies: the Wisconsin Repub dictators are unresponsive to that “democratic” truth and have the audacity to consider themselves representatives of the people.

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