Kickass and wisconsin inventory

Kickass, the doorstop dog, assists the keeper in a partial Monday morning inventory of Wisconsin:

         *Minority-representative government firmly controlled by narcissistic, gerrymandered Repub Legislators who preach that there is a pony buried under all their horse—-!

         *An out-of-state bear hunters group controlling the existing outrage of Wisconsin being the ONLY state allowing—even encouraging the summer “training” of bear hounds, thus creating misery and chaos for all wild creatures in the north woods, not mention turning it into a “baiting” garbage dump. (Runs through August.)

         *A US senator running for office who believes the tooth fairy brings gold inlays for the rich and “Social Insecurity” false teeth for the masses.

         *A  vast majority of Wisconsin women gearing up to neuter the incredible male body-control arrogance that is nothing less than national rape.

         *A serious outbreak of the PDTS—Post Decency and Truth Syndrome, reflecting how things once were in the state, and treatable either with mass brain implants or excessive consumption of beer and brandy.

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