Kickass and wolf in Grandma wis, bed

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper and Phyllis in noting that it would not be fair to wolves to use them as symbols to represent the devious Vos Repub gang that has been occupying Grandma Wisconsin’s gerrymandered political bed since Weasel Walker pulled down the sheets some 10 or so years ago.

Wolves quite naturally deal with narcissistic leadership to the advantage of the pack, but now as their hold on minority representation shows signs of slipping, leader Vos brings in the likes of Michael Gableman and David Prosser, both insultingly arrogant and disgraced former supreme court justices, to keep the Repubs tucked snugly in Grandma Wisconsin’s bed, which they have been soiling in a disgusting manner for way too many years.

With his history of choking women—fellow justice Ann Walsh Bradley in her office in June of 2011—Prosser obviously poses the larger threat, and should he try to choke Grandma Wisconsin in her bed, one would hope that “Woodchopper” Evers could save the day with his axe of fairness and decency.

(Kickass respectfully declines the keeper’s offer to trade lineage, the canine crew being so far ahead of humans when it comes to leadership issues.)

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