Kickass and women in charge of guns

Kickass, the doorstop dog, shares the keeper’s amazement that the obvious solution to the cops-shooting-people issue and the gun issue in general is directly under our noses yet has not been acted on: It lies in turning everything shooting and gun related over to women.

A couple of authoritative “Mom” edicts like: “You boys playing cops and robbers put those damn banging pistols away and use sticks!”  And, “No, you are not wearing your Roy Rogers gun and holster to church!” Or, “I have had just about enough of your bang-bang-bang foolishness, put those things away and go mow the lawn.”

It could go on, the keeper says, but the point is that so long as men—with their fragile egos and genitalia-oriented approach to life act as if it is still 1776, there will be no change in the daily 100 gun deaths or the three-a-day cop shootings.

While the keeper notes that the gender-neutral trend is a good thing in most instances, the gun-shooting issue is an exception, considering the disastrous mess men have made of guns in modern society and their—men’s inability to respond in any meaningful way to the gun slaughter of second graders and Black men.

From his experience, Kickass and his ilk know that when a woman—“Mom” tells you to get off the couch, you better damn well get off the couch.  And the keeper knows that advice from the likes of Phyllis improves his ego-centric existence.

Moms instead of cops! It’s worth a try.



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