Kickass and women in wineries

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that in the keeper’s continuing efforts to analyze the downfall of humanity, he observes that the historically accepted social trend of men hanging around taverns is now being replaced by women hanging around wineries.

This cannot help but be a positive cultural turnaround since nothing worthwhile ever resulted from men in taverns, and in fact it was often the genesis of trouble.

So far in their winery research, the keeper and Phyllis have not witnessed any shouting boasts, fist fights or falls off stools among the winery women, nor have any of the women made loud claims about any of their physical attributes or their virility.

Sunday at the Cambridge Winery–the former Matt Kenseth museum on highway 12– groups of women demonstrated how it is possible to socialize sensibly while enjoying alcoholic drinks.

The keeper will be continuing his winery research in the company of Phyllis who not only knows a bit about wine but also about men–at least one, who might have a history of hanging around taverns.

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