Kickass and women speakers at dem convo

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper that watching the Dem’s virtual convention Wednesday night was motivation for regression to the wonderful days of early life when personal security and happiness was totally in the loving hands of a woman who, in your worshipful young eyes, never made a bad decision.

The keeper says you could not listen to the passionate speeches by the likes of Gabby and Hillary and Nancy and Kamala and others and not wish your mother and other departed women in your life could be around to hear them.

Such an impossible circumstance would allow discussion as to how, when you got old enough to sass Mom, you took it further and, as an arrogant male, you joined in the gender absurdities of demeaning and eliminating women as participants in the meaningful decisions of life.

Now with a sick planet verging on self destruction at the hands of greedy, male narcissists, the call is made for women with their infinite female wisdom and preservation instincts to come and save the world.

That women, in the face of endless insult and abuse are willing to step up was apparent in last night’s convo speeches; and while the keeper does not feel as if he is tugging at mom’s skirt, he is excited at the prospect of having her way of thinking and her ability to get things done back in his life.





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