Kickass and women’s hockey

Kickass, the doorstop dog, defers to the keeper to reassess his resignation as a sports fan, it being his thinking that he has better things to do than sit on his ass and watch young people play games.  The rethink came about as the keeper accompanied Phyllis, her son Todd and granddaughter Alexis to a hockey game where Alexis was the goalie for a team from central Wisconsin.  (Todd’s dog Ava was also present which gave the occasion a cultural boost.)  Played at an ice arena in Oregon, WI, the game was between two teams from a women’s league where players of all ages play simply because they love the sport.   And they play hard!  It was very impressive to watch, and Phyllis held up well considering that she was watching hockey pucks being swatted at her granddaughter at very high speed and other skaters smashing into Alexis and knocking her flat.  The keeper came away from the experience with a reinforced appreciation for the emerging age-of-women, and if Alexis ever runs for office, she will get his vote.  Maybe if enough women assume goalie functions, we can avoid political calamities like the ongoing one in the White House.

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