Kickass and Yon Yonson

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that in the clutter of the keeper’s cranial closet is a version of the nonsense song, “My name is Yon Yonson, I come from Wisconsin….” as it was long ago recited by boyhood pal Rob.  Needless to say, Rob’s lyrics were obscene as demanded by youthful style, and the keeper remembers that there was a part that went “I tear my underwear there.” which the keeper did not understand at the time and still doesn’t.

The Yon Yonson song was used by Kurt Vonnegut in writing Slaughterhouse Five; and the recent desire of Ron Johnson for yet one more senate term literally demands an undated version of the song on Ron’s behalf:

“My name is Ron Johnson. I come from Wisconsin. I work as the dumbest one there.

“When I walk down the street, the people I meet say what’s your name and I say, my name is Ron Johnson………”

Somehow, all of it: “tearing underwear,” the insane self- destructive plotting in Slaughterhouse Five, and the possible reelection of an out and out “Yon Yonson” numbskull, all comes together to define this January day in Wisconsin.

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