Kickass and young demonstrators


Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that the young people are asking that something be done to prevent the planet from rotting to an unlivable point in order to make money for a few rich old men, and women; and that some gun control be enacted so they—the young will not be slaughtered as elementary students.  Well, how unreasonable!  “Listen up. kids,” the keeper says. “Money is all that matters and as it concentrates more and more in the hands of narcissistic old men, the chance of saving the planet or enacting gun controls is about as likely as Kickass going through the day without napping.”  As an old man himself, the keeper can only say that he is damn sorry for the state of things, and he is pushing for brain changes similar to sex changes in which stupid old man who don’t care about anyone but themselves undergo brain transplants with the new brains coming from animals—like dogs or pigs, that have enough sense not to kill each other or to befoul their living quarters.  The keeper’s scheme is somewhat offensive to Kickass, who has an unrealistic vision of his—kickass’s brain ending up in the likes of Mitch McConnell or Trump, which would mean being kicked out of the dog parks for peeing on the puppies.  Those puppies are you, young demonstrators!

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