Kickass and young publishers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, noting the recent book producing efforts of both the keeper and Phyllis understands their delight as they acknowledge the latest family publishing team of seven-year-old Margaux and five-year-old Romy, cousins who left the Thanksgiving festivities and without prompting or guidance produced “The story of the mad heart,” an illustrated two-page book the complete text of which goes: “Once upon a time there was a mad heart. He was very mean and mad. He was sad to because his sisters, brothers and cousins are very very mean to him. So that is why he is very mean. The end.”

The record will show that the young book makers displayed appropriate pride and modesty in introducing their work to surprised and delighted family members at Ohm and Andy’s long and loaded Thanksgiving table Saturday evening.

The keeper was flattered beyond all measure when the very young publishing team agreed to present him, at his request, with the one and only copy of “The story of the mad heart,” for display with some of his and Phyllis’s books.

There will also be serious study by the keeper of the story line of “The story of the mad heart”: It seems to cover every author’s ambition with an astounding economy of words.

Congratulations, Margaux and Romy!

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