Kickass and Yovonavitch


Kickass, the doorstop dog. joins the keeper in respecting the decency, honor and sense of duty of Marie Yovanovitch who told a legislative committee about her shabby treatment at the hands of Trump and his hoodlums in a shameless political shakedown of another country for personal gain.  It is so fitting that a proud woman is among the first to call out the misogynistic, insulting narcissist who is poisoning the World, while the gutless men who could do something about it stand around in apparent approval.  Kickass, like most males, has the audacity to think of himself as a gender-neutral thinker, but deep down, he knows better.   In fact, Marie Yovanovitch has upset his gender-equality apple cart to the point that, as dogs go, Kickass would be proud to be a bitch.

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