Kickass and zombie raccoons

Kickass, the doorstop dog, being composed of cast iron, worries some about rust, but was not overly concerned with the appearance of a “zombie” raccoon by the keeper’s front door.  The other house dog, however–Boo needs to listen up and make sure her shots for distemper and rabies are up to date.  The unfortunate raccoon struggled up onto the front step, collapsed just outside the front door and appeared to be permanently encamped.  Urged to move on by the keeper’s gently applied snow-shovel, the animal slowly made its way down the hill and disappeared. The brain-virus condition is not uncommon among raccoons, the keeper has learned, and is not contagious to humans.  Pets, however, need to be protected, particularly one such as Boo who can play the piano but is otherwise as useless as most dogs, with the exception of those serving as doorstops of course.

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