Kickass andblind sunset viewer

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper and all those who raved about the incredibly colorful sunset of 7/9/24; and in keeping with the feeding of his out-of-control writer’s ego, the keeper remembers a fan letter from a Milwaukee Journal reader after the keeper wrote a column about a sunset he viewed as he drove from Milwaukee to Madison. The letter writer’s compliment concluded by saying the keeper’s column had made it possible for her blind husband to “see” a sunset.

The keeper doesn’t remember any of the outfall details, but it is likely he was more air-headed than usual for a day or two following that fan letter.

And why would he recall the incident at this point other than to try to impress Phyllis and to exercise his writer’s ego as if he were walking a dog and not carrying a “refuge” bag?

The keeper asks for a friend.

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