Kickass appreciates birthday bash

Kickass, the doorstop dog, assists the keeper in expressing his deep appreciation for the wonderful 90th birthday bash that his clan produced in Mazomanie Saturday.  They all did an outstanding job, and they have plans for a repeat performance on 9/11/31 when the keeper hits the 100 mark.

From the ride in the 1938 Cadillac limo to the appearance of so

many family members and friends at the Mazo Prominade to the extravagant family feast on the Stokes hill complete with a municipal—”Wild West Days” fireworks display, it was a most memorable day for the keeper and Phyllis.

Now on the “togetherness” day of 9/12, the keeper thanks everyone who put it all together and those who showed up to party; and he rehashes and mangles the old line that it was good to have been there, and, at his age, it was good to have been anywhere.

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