Kickass as a predator

Kickass, the doorstop dog, having retired as a shooting hunter, still acknowledges his predator identity and the complications that come with attempting to fit killing lesser creatures into the realm of “sport” and “fun” in a society that increasingly denies the source of hamburger.

Regulatory decisions that should be made by ALL the human predators, whether active or not, are instead made by those who participate selfishly, and frequently deny the work of biologists charged with applying as much honesty and fairness to hunting regs as “humanly” possible.

In Wisconsin, where the awkwardness of human predation—hunting, was traditionally handled with enough class and intelligence to make it a model for other states, the situation, under the control of minority-control narcissistic Republicans, has sunk to an insulting low that allows the likes of kill-advocate and absurd performer Ted Nugent, and out-of-state bear hounders to dictate KILL, KILL, KILL as the major, if not the only, human predatory consideration.

Respectable, science-based information has been trashed by an arrogant and ignorant Wisconsin DNR Board controlled by the likes of dictatorial gun-devotees Fred Prehn and Greg Kazmierski, with the blessings of Vos and Johnson and their gerrymandered political crowds.

Now, as Wisconsin is awash in the glory of autumn—the keeper’s favorite season, a pall hangs over the colorful landscape in the form of a shameful retreat from predatory honesty and respectability.

It can be only a temporary circumstance, the keeper hopes, in place until the predatory citizenry assumes its rightful responsibility.


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