Kickass as a stupefier

Kickass, the doorstop dog, sympathizes with the keeper in his distress over being genetically excluded from the migrators and the hibernators and classified as a “stupefier” as major seasonal changes are about to occur.

Birds with brains the size of peas are fleeing toward warm climes. Lumbering bears and stupid little gophers are headed for winter-long beds.

The keeper and Phyllis note this and they wonder why not us? What aberration of natural selection condemned humans–Wisconsin residents in particular, to be “Stupefiers?” destined to struggle for months in a frigid environment of ice and snow with the ever-present likelihood that at any second they will fall on their ass and break something?

Obviously, the grand design went off the track and Wisconsin humans should probably be thankful that in the seasonal turn toward winter, they do not look and act like platypuses, not all of them anyway.

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