Kickass as hunter/gatherer

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that the keeper tries to claim that he still qualifies as a “hunter and gatherer” when he goes over of Paul’s Neighborhood Bar in Middleton and picks up “to-go” Friday night fish-fry for himself and Phyllis.

The drive down Gammon and Parmenter is the “stalk” of the hunt, the brief entry into the din of the crowd at Paul’s is the brave approach to the “kill” which is completed when the credit card check is signed and the keeper retreats and gets back in his car.

The drive back to Vista West and the keeper’s expansive entrance into the apartment he shares with Phyllis, can certainly be compared to an early cave-dwelling hunter/gatherer heroically coming home with an animal carcass, or a fish.

He is not one to complain, but it sometimes seems to the keeper that Phyllis could be a bit more demonstrative in appreciating just what it means to be a hunter/gatherer in this day and age. A brief embrace and a kiss as a reward for coming home with Friday night fish-fry does not seem like an unreasonable expectation. The keeper will be talking to Phyllis about it.

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