Kickass asks who will milk the cows

Kickass, the doorstop dog, with his unique ability to communicate with all creatures, and keeping in mind the Orange Narcissist’s intention to wage war on Mexico, today passes on a message from the Wisconsin cows in which the cows express their concern for the people who milk them, 80 percent of whom are immigrants.

It is not fun to milk a cow, as the ancient keeper will attest to having once been kicked into a manure-filled gutter due to a fishhook in his hat, and so nobody really wants to do it except people trying mightily to build themselves new lives in better surroundings, Wisconsin for example.

The Wisconsin cows say this: “We are 1,300,000 strong and if you do not get a sensible plan to deal with the people who milk us we will turn sour or worse and if given the chance we will kick you all into manure-filled gutters, the Orange One first and your sneaky little governor second.”



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