Kickass at Lake Geneva Playboy Club

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will stay home today as the keeper and Phyllis head off to the Lake Geneva Library for a reading of MARGARET’S WAR, the keeper’s novel set when thousands of German POWs were in Wisconsin and all other states. (

As usual, the keeper turns back the pages and remembers when he was in Lake Geneva for the grand opening of the Playboy Club, long since closed.  He sat with Hugh Hefner’s parents and recalls Hugh’s mother saying that Hugh had been just an average little boy who played with his toys and smiled a lot.  A very young Bill Cosby was playing pool with Marty Allen, and there were Playboy Bunnies everywhere.  It was an interesting weekend, also memorable when the keeper and his wife awoke in a room that did not yet have any window covers and a bulldozer operator sat on his machine just outside with a complete and unobstructed view into the keeper’s room.

Maybe there will be some retired bunnies at the Lake Geneva Library today.  That would be fun.


  • Pete

    Hello Mr Stokes,

    I just found your page. I see you were at Lake Geneva in 1968. Interestingly I just ran across a gentlemen who was a driver the weekend before the club opened. My interest is focused around the 1968 Shelbys that were at the resort. I was even provided some photos. I am in the process of writing up the story now



    • Bill

      Just now seeing your message. I remember the weekend well. Bill Cosby at the pool table. My wife and I had a drink with Hefner’s parents. Nice people. I would be interested in seeing your piece. Thanks, Bill

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