Kickass at the Chazen

Kickass, the doorstop dog, listens to reports from the keeper and Phyllis on their visit to the Chazen Museum of Art “reexamination” exhibit that is built around the Boston statue of Lincoln and a kneeling slave that was removed last year as part of the “Re-emancipation” movement.

The exhibit produces a gut punch as to how incredibly long it takes to wrest ignorance and prejudice from manipulative hands, and for shards of simple basic decency to emerge.

The powerful exhibit leaves a residue of incredulity and anger that today’s media is necessarily awash in stories of white supremacy and racism at all cultural levels.

Jim Crow eggs continue to be laid profusely in the American Eagle’s nest and they incubate in US capitals and cubicles everywhere.

Go to the Chazen.

Have a blueberry sconce and a cup of coffee in the museum restaurant and remember the plaintive artistry of the Black performers in the “reexamination” gallery.

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