Kickass at the vaccine line up

Kickass, the doorstop dog, hears the keeper’s account of watching the steady stream of cars pull up to the UW Health Covid vaccination center, and was duly impressed:

Most of the vehicles were late model SUVs, driven mostly by women who emerged from the driver’s seats to assist elderly passengers, sometimes with using a walker or a walking cane, and other times simply with a helping hand, and in one instance, with short applause and a raised clenched fist as the discharged passenger smiled and turned to head slowly toward the Health Center entrance.

The keeper was taken with the scene’s orderliness and its message of compassion and caring by younger people for older people, and how the fact that the scene is being replicated in thousands of places across the country speaks to the national character far better than the stupid antics of lame-brained narcissists that dominates the news cycles.

There is, in the keeper’s humble opinion, a powerful national statement being made that ALL lives matter.  And while that statement may have its genesis in the basic survival instinct, it transcends that reflex, and now, with human decency reemerging on the national leadership level, there is hopefulness in the air that has been absent for four years, but was definitely there as part of the scene at the UW vaccine center line up.





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