Kickass at vow renewal ceremony

Kickass, the doorstop dog reports that the wedding-vow renewal festivities for the keeper and Phyllis and others at Vista West went off without a hitch–no pun intended.

 Witnessed by the keeper’s sons Larry and Mike, daughter in law Linda; Phyllis’s son Todd and granddaughter Taylor, the event–vowing ceremony, dinner and dance, started early enough in the day so the 9 pm bedtime for most participants was not threatened.

Several of the participating couples had long marriage tenures to celebrate. The keeper and Phyllis, being comparative newlyweds at four years, stress their example of how meaningful relationships are possible at any age, though they still find it hard to believe that theirs can be as complete and joyful as it is, and that Kickass had a role in its inception: Phyllis in Arizona liked Kickass on Facebook before she knew of the keeper’s Wisconsin existence.

The keeper thanks Kickass and would give him a dog treat if he had the stomach for it.

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