Kickass back in the taverns

Kickass, the doorstop dog, tries to help the keeper put into perspective the national attention Wisconsin is getting for its headlong rush back into the taverns after its stupreme court said to go for it and never mind the possibility of a coronavirus on tap that might kill you, or at least be fatal for grandpa.  The keeper likes parallel images from nature and entertains one of sparrows feeding on grain spilled along a heavily trafficked highway, or vultures gathering on road-kill and making the crows and lesser carrion-eaters wait their turn at the rotting fare.  No further evidence than those mobbed tavern scenes is needed to show how narcissistic stupidity dominates Wisconsin’s government.  Vos, Fitzgerald and their GOP colleagues along with incredibly shallow-thinking SC justices all display the ignorance that now dominates a once-proud and benevolent state government.  Wisconsin taverns are wonderful places and have played a large role in the keeper’s professional and private lives, but he isn’t going into one until they are safe for sparrows and buzzards alike.  Kickass suggests that by way of staying high in the news cycle, it may behoove Wisconsin to change its “state bird” from robin to turkey vulture.

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