Kickass bans the weather


Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper, having recused himself from the efforts to chase Trump up a dead cherry tree, is about to resign from the weather.   Like Trump, in his infinite wisdom, refusing to respond to subpoenas for determining the truth, the keeper is simply refusing to accept the weekend weather as forecast by people who are obviously in cahoots with the manufacturers of snow shovels and strong drink.  It has long been the keeper’s contention that the Trump thing will havc a KIKI bird ending in which it will fly in ever decreasing concentric circles until it flies up its own ass.  A similar circumstance may be the fate of those who continue to accept the weather.  Snow and freezing temperatures at the end of April are not things to be tolerated.  So the weekend weather is banned and if it even threatens to show up, an immediate impeachment will ensue, to be followed by one helluva party.

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