Kickass bear hound training outrage

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says that as this is being written the north woods of Wisconsin is the scene of one of the most barbaric, inhumane, incredibly stupid activities sanctioned by law—so called “training” of bear hounds by releasing them to chase anything and everything in the interests of honing their trailing abilities for when the bear season opens.  Utter chaos and panic reigns among all north woods creatures, most of them in the midst of raising their young.

This is inane, and it cannot be possible that Wisconsin residents know of this and still allow it to continue.  NOWHERE else is such a travesty so sanctioned.  Hound freaks come from all over the country for the Wisconsin “Fun.”

If a wolf encounters a “training” hound, the wolf may kill it in defending its pups.  If this happens, the state pays the hound owner $2,500.  It cannot be but it is!

Kickass pleads with Wisconsin citizens to put down their brats and beer long enough to display basic decency and do away with this outrage.  Call, write, march, yell and scream.  Show what Wisconsin is really made of!


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