Kickass being old as extinction comes


Kickass, the doorstop dog, along with the keeper, is trying to process the good news aspects of being old as defined by New Yorker writer Jonathan Franzen who says if you are under 60 you will likely witness “irrefutable radical destabilization” due to climate change.  This will include “massive crop failure, apocalyptic fires, imploding economies, epic flooding and hundreds of millions of refuges from uninhabitable areas…..”  If you are under 30, Franzen says, experiencing this is guaranteed.  Ah, the joys of old age!  In citing the arrogant absurdity of denying that we are destroying the livability of the planet with profit-driven selfishness, and a near complete disregard for the condition of our one and only place to live, Franzen says instead of thinking about breakfast, people should think about death.  In the end, he also suggests that doing good environmental things can still give hope, and “so long as you have something to love you have hope.”  So being old means being spared the inevitable unimaginable miseries of the human race going extinct.  How lucky can you be! Now, what’s for breakfast?

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