Kickass Billy Graham man in the sky

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is, of course, like all dogs, not burdened by the “man in the sky” baggage that Billy Graham not only carried through his long life but also turned into a damn fine life style, complete with generous tax breaks and pals in high places.  (Dogs do not acknowledge or bark at a thing they cannot see or smell or hear and which, if it is omniscient as believers claim, seems to be behind a lot of bad shit.)

So Billy told an interviewer some years ago that he was looking forward to dying and being ushered into an audience with the top guy where he obviously would be welcomed for his long dedication to the cause.

During his long earthly sojourn through wars, famine and worse, Billy obviously never questioned his big boss’s business plan, but, damn, wouldn’t it be impressive if, during his heavenly welcome, he would say, “What the hell is up with these school shootings!”





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