Kickass bird feeder dinosaurs

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper has deduced that while Darwin’s natural selection deal has served well for some time, it has obviously run into the wall, at least in the case of the human species, and we have entered into a period of unnatural decline which will see humans retreating to the caves and clubbing each other over the head, particularly women.

To mark this momentous evolutionary reversal, the keeper now regards birds as dinosaurs and will manage the bird feeder accordingly, considering the current grosbeaks as Brontosaurus and the chick-a-dee as Tyrannosaurus rex.

To Kickass, this u-turn in the evolution of species, means that he will now be free to act more like a wolf, howling at the moon and running with a pack of predators.  The keeper, meanwhile, gnaws on bones and tries to keep the dinosaur feeder full of sunflower seeds.

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