Kickass bitching and barking

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is concerned that recent distractions have taken away from the keeper’s natural inclination to bitch about anything and everything, particularly if it pertains to the narcissism and greed that infuses the political stratosphere.  This development seems serious, like a dog not barking at prowlers.  Such a dog may find itself without a couch and inclined to excessive napping, maybe on a hard surface.

Barking and bitching are in effect not all that different.  Both seem incredibly important to the barker and the bitcher at the time but actually have little or no bearing on the target situation.

Not to be deterred, however, since barking and bitching are such therapeutic exercises, it would be a Kickass suggestion that they be encouraged and expanded.  In the keeper’s case, since he has mastered whining and growling in the style of dogs, it might be healthy for him to switch from bitching to barking.  That would make him fit in better with the other dogs who could teach him the finer points of marking territory and chasing cars, skills that other bitchers might find useful.

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