Kickass botanic morality

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says that while the keeper has managed to escape the absurdity of expansive green lawns as symbols of class and civilization, he does engage in a botanic jousting to preserve the prairie character of the oak savanah where he lives, which comprises a constant defense against invasive brush and trees.

Most recently it was hacking off the many stalks of the sumac plant which seems to be gradually winning the dominant position on the front slope.  Next it will have to be the Siberian elm which is more tenacious than Russian spies; and then the mulberry and on and on, just so the compass plants and cone flowers and the grasses have a chance.

So the keeper doesn’t tend to a sterile, unnatural “golf green,” but he does stick his nose into the apparent natural emergence of a jungle, which, of course, in his arrogance, he sees as a higher moral calling.

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