Kickass brainless football


Kickass, the doorstop dog, says that on this day of action for believers–God and football–, while it may be difficult for a dog to understand the reason behind either, one thing is clear: at least in the case of the God believers there is no element in the object of their worship that involves actual physical brain damage. Not so with football. Led by narcissistic billionaire NFL team owners with their millionaire slaves, the football worshipers are conditioned to even cheer on their own offspring to the tune of at least 300,000 high school football concussions annually.  And if they were all reported, the number might be closer to 3,000,000.  This is akin to throwing thousands of children into the arena during the days of Roman gladiator entertainment.  Someday, if the species survives, it will be written, “For an unbelievably long period of time, a main source of entertainment for millions of humans was a game wherein players banged their heads against each other causing long-term brain damage.  This was concurrent with the period in which various forms of government were succumbing to greed.”

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