Kickass braves weather for book

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will be staying home this morning as the keeper and Phyllis travel to the Drumlin Ridge Independent Living facility in Cottage Grove to do a book reading for “Treeson: an APOLOGIA to Trees” the keeper’s recent attempt at the Nobel.

While the regular Thursday snowfall has extended into today and travel is not recommended unless it is essential, the keeper has made the decision to brave the elements, extending his record of making questionable decisions from the days of the great depression on down to these days of the great obfuscation.

Noting a dearth of traffic on the roads visible from his Vista West residence, the keeper concludes that schools and businesses are apparently closed, indicating a combination of cowardice and common sense in the public psyche.

One of the great advantages of “Independent Living” at such places as Vista West and Drumlin Ridge is not having to venture outside for much of anything, especially during periods of unpleasant weather.

“Stay snuggly and smugly inside,” is the word unless, of course, you are a book peddler.

Then it is all hands on deck, including Phyllis who designed “Treeson’s” cover and so has a vested interest in the questionable proceedings.


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