Kickass buried in junk

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper, who has been in the running to star in the TV Hoarder show, is now trying to come to terms with his compulsion to save cardboard boxes, empty glass containers, string, tin cans and other objects that “might come in handy some day.”  He is being helped in this regard by Phyllis who has her head on straight about the dangers of being buried in your own trash.

As is her patient and understanding way, Phyllis does not even look at the farm tools stacked in the bedroom corner or the cupboard shelf full of old peanut-butter jars.  She does, however, smile when it dawns on the keeper that some decorative changes may be in order, along with some “hoarding” therapy.

What gives with this inane inclination to live forever with every last object or piece of material that comes into your life until it gets so bad you can’t walk down the hall?  The keeper defends himself as being a child of the Great Depression when if you got something you held onto it no matter what it was.  Phyllis just smiles and watches the keeper fill up another box for St. Vinnys.




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