Kickass buying votes with dead kids

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says it does not take a greyhound to sniff out the blatant vote-buying properties—$100 million, of Walker’s guard-the-schools approach to the gun absurdity.  And even a pug, with practically no nose, can detect the NRA stench of approaching the gun problem with more people with more guns.

It is an insult to the intelligence of the citizenry to ignore such things as background checks, military machine guns and other meaningful gun controls in a state where citizens have long acknowledged that we have lots of guns and they are for shooting deer and pheasants and we do, by god, understand that, and are not so dumb that we think we need them to defend ourselves against our government.

The 2nd amendment is a moldy old piece of cheese that needs to be thrown out, or at least brought into the 21st century.  The 1st amendment permits Kickass to say that, and to add that Walker and the NRA narcissists are awash in the blood of dead kids.  How does that smell to them?






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