Kickass Canada geese problem

Kickass, the doorstop dog, often called on to explain the inexplicable, says there is a perfectly logical explanation for Trump bad mouthing friends like Canada while cozying up to despots like Kim Jong Un, and it has to do with the Canada goose and the bird’s inclination to crap on golf courses, particularly those frequented by Trump.

There are now millions of Canada geese in the US, their presence encouraged by the likes of Justin Trudeau who does not play golf but does play hockey where goose crap is not an issue, but BS from the US President is.

It is the recommendation of Kickass that all the Canada geese in the US be chased down to the border with Mexico where their crap-producing tendencies would act as a more effective border control tool than a wall.  This could most easily be accomplished during the summer molt when geese cannot fly and would be as easily herded as Trump’s Republican sycophants.

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