Kickass cancels covid lunch

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis chickened out and cancelled a lunch invitation to Harry and Sylvia after Gov. Evers said everybody should stay home

“Later,” all parties agreed.

So the coronavirus had struck again, not with its life-threatening physical misery, but with the incredible power to profoundly change all lives.  A little thing, like a lunch invitation, is not up there with Grandma dying in isolation, hospitals jammed with gasping coronavirus patients, lost jobs, food lines, delayed heart surgery, exhausted docs and nurses, or even cancellation of a Badger football game. But the list is boundless and it speaks to a take-for-granted life that is gone forever: nobody can be so naive and stupid as to think that life will return to “normal,” as defined by pre-Covid19 days.

Oh, wait!  “MAGA!”

The keeper forgot.  He needs to take off his mask, put on a red MAGA hat and go to a POTUS airport rally to hear that the coronavirus is pretty much over and everyone should head for the taverns and have a drink like in the good old days, never mind 210,000 coronavirus cases in the state and a death toll of 1,900.

(Kickass reports that the keeper ate the chicken that was intended for the Sylvia/Harry lunch, but Phyllis said it would be replaced and the invitation renewed as soon as Dr. Fauci and Gov Evers give the word.)

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