Kickass canoe birds

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is happy to explain the confusion existing around the Walker/Stepp/Loony Legislature proposals to get money out of canoe paddlers and bird watchers to help fund the permitting of cow shit in public drinking water and other commercially oriented resource measures.

So, since most Wisconsin citizens are up the creek without a paddle, they can acquire a paddle from the Walker administration by making a political donation, a sizeable one, which will allow them to paddle down PUBLIC waters past the water-front mansions of Stepp’s realty friends.

Bird watchers will pay fees on the basis of birds “watched,” with a sliding scale based on bird rarity to be put in place under Stepp’s “reorganization” of the DNR.  (Should you inadvertently see a rare bird—say a Kirtland’s warbler, while simply driving down the highway, you are asked to self-report and send money to Stepp who intends to have a taxidermist stuff the fawn she is shown with in that DNR promotion photo.)



Kickass the Doorstop Dog

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