Kickass capacity for stupidity

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is a bit uneasy about the keeper’s state of mind, which seems to be teetering on the edge of the great chasm as he—the keeper is urged to be reasonable and listen to those who encourage him to just keep sipping the political cool-aide until it does its job and he becomes part of a collective, rotting corpse.

Togetherness with those who ignore the truth in exchange for membership in a cult of downright stupidity is a leap too far for the keeper, and his listening-tolerance is totally exhausted.  To be reasoned and patient about abandoning the basic human values of decency and compassion is its own mark of stupidity.  And when the actual likelihood of death is thrown into the mix, continuing to listen passively to scientology-like absurdities from narcissistic fools compounds the stupidity.

So the keeper’s burden of stupidity is on him like a saddle, cinched by a political structure that forces him and his ilk to accept it, short of setting themselves on fire in the manner of a Tibetan monk, which, Kickass says would be the ultimate stupidity.

It is left for the keeper to rant, and cling to the faint hope that even the destructive magnitude of prevailing stupidity is correctable.  Just don’t expect him to listen patiently to its adherents: he simply is not that big.

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