Kickass chases after the hounds

Kickass, the doorstop dog, along with the keeper, laments a supreme court justice with about as much class as a Klansman being shoved down our collective throat, but what really has him—Kickass, chasing his tail is a more offensive circumstance of wholesale misrepresentative government, unless, of course, you believe that Wisconsin residents really want to live in the only state that allows/invites/encourages people from all over the country to come here in the summer and fall with their hounds to chase, torment, kill and ravish all wild life species including pup-raising wolves.

Damnit, people, Kickass is weary of preaching this line, but does not plan to cease and desist until the abject cruelty and torture being practiced on public land in the state either stops, or the residents convince him they are okay with it.  If and when the latter happens he—Kickass will be headed for the Yukon.

This is such a simple and obvious thing—Stop this GD bear-hound baiting-chasing outrage now, and for god’s sake stop paying the hounders $2500 when one of their aggressively-trained mutts gets killed by a pup-protecting bitch wolf. Do it now, you in-control Repubs!  Decency is not a partisan issue!.



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