Kickass chemo and POTUS pic

Kickass, the doorstop dog, turns things over to the keeper so he—the keeper, can tend to a couple of administrative issues.

For one, there was no Kickass post yesterday as the keeper accompanied Phyllis on her 6th and final day-long chemo treatment at UW Carbone—radiation treatment to follow.  Indications are that the chemo is doing its job, and Phyllis continues to fight off the side-effects like the classy fighter she is.

As a second item, the keeper was recently taken to task for using a photo-shopped image of the POTUS that showed him as a fat man looking for a golf ball in the rough.  No more false images, the keeper vows, and includes an actual POTUS photo in today’s post, confident that it has not been altered in any way.  (Image showing Trump ridiculing handicapped reporter was declined for “security” reasons.)

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