Kickass chief of stuff

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is trying to assist the keeper as he adjusts to a new “Chief of Stuff,” which is a position of great importance considering that the keeper has the collecting character of a garbage truck.  (By comparison, the White House chief of staff fiasco is but a pimple on the……..oh, you know.)

So the keeper’s Chief of Stuff position has been vacant for years, during which time the keeper amassed stuff at such an alarming rate that it became a challenge to walk down a hall or see through a window.  The keeper repeatedly watched the old George Carlin routine about “stuff” and thought about seeking therapy.

Then suddenly the Chief of Stuff position was filled by Phyllis who has a gentle way of convincing the keeper that maybe he doesn’t really need 97 pots and pans cluttering up the kitchen island, or, unless you intend to get back into the antique business it is necessary to be restrained at St. Vinnys and other such places.  Old dogs, new tricks?  It just takes the right chief-of-stuff!

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