Kickass clan returns to the water

Kickass, the doorstop dog, observes the keeper and his clan reacting to the basest of evolutionary residue as the urge to “return to the sea” has them assembled along Lake Wisconsin like so any eager muskrats.  Steve and Lindsey have plans for a Lake bluff house on a spectacular piece of wooded property; and the plans of the keeper and Phyllis call for them to bring their lean-back chairs down to the shore at every opportunity and watch it all, along with viewing the seasons and the sunsets.

Mementos of the event will be the holes burned into Phyllis’s nice jacket when she got too close to a blossoming bonfire, and the keeper’s discomfort from overconsumption of Steve’s grilled hamburgers.

The keeper has good reason to use the “muskrat” example as distinguished from “lemmings” in his return-to-the-sea-creature analogy: There is theory that the lemmings do their mass jumps off the cliffs as an over population adjustment. There was obviously none of that at the recent Lake Wisconsin gathering, though there were a lot of little ones swarming all over the place.  Muskrats come to the water to build their houses and that’s what we have here.



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