Kickass, Columnists in junk stores

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper, while trying to ignore the ignominy of having Ron Johnson as senator, has stumbled onto what may be a more insidious circumstance, that being the inclination of old, retired journalists to lurk around junk stores in absurd attempts to buy time, even if it has to be somebody’s discarded alarm clock.

Making the point that it was not simply a personal quirk, the fact of a cultural trend became apparent when the keeper and Phyllis ran into George Hesselberg at the St. Vincent store in Verona.  Both George and the keeper are former newspaper columnists who have recently moved into reduced quarters and have no more room for acquired junk than a chrysalis; but are obviously unable to control the pack-rat mentalities that may have served them well as columnists but now indicates a need for therapy.

Phyllis, while trying to assist the keeper with his junk store addiction, accompanies him reluctantly, but after the Hesselberg meeting, she found a pair of red shoes trimmed with leopard skin that she had to have, thus blunting her message of junk store restraint for retired columnists.

Later, Phyllis modeled her new shoes with a matching leopard skin blouse and black skirt, and if it hadn’t been so late in the day, the keeper would have invited George over for a beer to see how classy she looked.


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